Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions


1. All bookings are subject to availability. Should your first choice of date be unavailable, alternative dates will be offered. We advise that bookings are made at least two weeks ahead of your chosen date.


2. On receipt of your payment you will receive an email confirming your booking. This email will include information on how to find Skirmish Exeter, start times and contact details.


3. Cancellations 28 days or more before your event date will result in a full refund of monies paid being given. Any cancellations with less than 28 days notice will result in a credit note being issued to the value of your payment. Should any players not participate on your game day a credit note for the monies paid for their place shall be issued, less the £10 non-refundable deposit; paintballs are non-transferable and no cash refund is offered under these circumstances. Should your entire party fail to arrive or participate on the game day, you will be deemed to have cancelled your booking without notice, at which time no refund or credit note shall be offered.


4. Cancellations and changes must be made over the phone to our booking office. We may ask that you also provide a written proof of your wish to cancel or make changes, subject to our requirements.


5. Please be as accurate as possible when making a booking with us. We recommend that you only confirm space for players who you know will be definitely participating. Additional players may be added to your booking up to the day before your event subject to availability. Any cancellations or non-shows on your game day will be dealt with in accordance with provisions elsewhere in these Terms & Conditions.


6. Please be aware that until a sufficient payment is made and you receive confirmation via email you do not have a confirmed booking. Should you not receive a confirmation email, please give us a call.


7. Please note we are unable to accept liability for any errors resulting from data which you have entered incorrectly online.


8. The minimum age for Laser Tag players is 8 years old; for Splatball the minimum age is 8 years old; for regular Paintball the minimum age is 11 years old and in year 7 of secondary education. Players who are under our age limits on game days will not be allowed to play.


9. Only paintballs & pyrotechnics supplied by Skirmish Exeter on the day of your event may be used during your session. Anyone found to be using paintballs or pyrotechnics from another source will be excluded from the centre without a refund.


10. No cheque payments will be accepted on site. We do accept cash or credit / debit cards.


11. All players must abide by the rules and regulations specified on the player agreement form that all players must read and sign before playing. It is the responsibility of the person signing the consent form to inform us of any medical condition or dietary requirement of the person named. We will not be held responsible for any failure to disclose information that is required for the wellbeing of any player. We cannot give consent for any person with a medical condition to participate; this is the responsibility of the individual. All players must obey the directions and instructions of all Skirmish staff. We reserve the right to exclude anyone deemed to be under age, unfit to play because of physical or mental impairment, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, aggressive and or abusive or considered to be a danger to themselves or others.


12. As with all outdoor events, we cannot predict the weather and on the rare occasion your booking is cancelled by us due to bad weather or other circumstances beyond our control your booking will be rescheduled to a mutually convenient date up to 3 months from the date of your original booking or a refund can be requested. Unless we contact you to inform you that the site is closed due to bad weather or other circumstances beyond our control your activity session will take place. If you choose not to play when we are open, you will be deemed to have cancelled your booking without notice, and as per our cancellation policy you shall forfeit any right to a refund, credit note or the paintballs you have purchased. If in doubt call the booking office to check.