Hunter Games

Some key points if you are in a rush

The per person cost is £40

Minimum number for a private session is 12 but between 16-20 is ideal.

The session time is approx 2 hours 

All protective equipment and supervision included

Minimum age is 12 years +  under 16's must be accompanied throughout by an adult



As skirmish has now evolved into a multi activity centre we thought what better way to celebrate our diverse range of new and exciting activities than to let you experience them for yourself all in one thrilling non stop session.

You'll begin at the Archery range where your hunting abilities will start to kick in,

Once you've found them let the journey continue as we take you on to the axe and knife throwing station, once completed you are ready to test out your training on EACH OTHER......!!


This is not a TYPO you will actually get to fire bespoke arrows at one another, the arrows have a specially designed foam tip so you'll feel them hit you but won't be going home with any new piercings!!.

Archery tag is played in a purpose built netting arena with inflatable barricades, 

Two teams battle it out against one another to become hunter games champions!



Private sessions are available for groups of 12 or more, sessions start from 9am and run for approx 2 hours with the time split between the 3 activities, Target Archery, Axe Throwing and Archery Tag.

To book it is simple- call 01548 580025 or book online via the link below.

Want to take part but have less than 12 in your group? Not a problem just call or email us and ask about our open sessions.