The Village

The Village is by far the biggest arena at Skirmish Exeter. Constantly in development, this arena already has 7 houses, and 7 lookout posts. Currently in development for this year, are a full sized church (with accessible sniping tower!!), and 7 more medium sized structures. We play a variety of scenarios on this arena, ranging from village defense/attack, raise the center flag, team deathmatch, and the standard flag capture. The Village was a new arena for 2012, and has been constantly developed ever since. We have a large group of our marshalls that come from professional paintball backgrounds, and they get really passionate about the construction of our arenas. We spend time considering every point of each arena, from where the best sneaking spots will be, to where the main battle would normally commence. Arenas are made to be fair when playing from either side, and structures are spaced out to provide cover the defenders, and strategic points for the attackers!