The Swamp

The Swamp arena features two sloping banks either side of a boggy swamp. We dont recommend players actually get in the swamp... but there have been a few rambo style players in the past who have committed 100%!

The Swamp is popular with Airsoft and Laser Games, as it is not the type of arena where you can run through the middle guns blazing. Most of the time, players take their time to aim over the swamp, line up their shots, and fight an epic ranged battle instead!

The Swamp used to be a nice dry arena until we had an excessive amount of rainfall one year that turned it into a boggy swamp! This arena, although dry most of the year, still gets swampy every winter after a lot of rainfall. We decided to keep playing this arena because it is nice and large, mostly flat, and its out of the way from most other arenas.

The base camps are sat either side of the Swamp and players must work their way around either side to Capture the Flag, or play Team Deatchmatch.