Missile Launch

In this exciting arena, the attacking team must fight their way up the side of a ravine to reach the missile base at the top and prevent the missiles from launching. The two missiles are set on launching pads, and in the middle is a countdown timer, set at 15 minutes till launch.

The defending team must defend for 15 minutes to win the game, and the attacking team must reach the countdown timer and hit the button on top to disable it. This adrenaline packed arena is a favourite among Paintballers, Airsofters and Lasers. As the 15 minutes draws to an end, a warning Klaxxon begins, and a loud siren can be heard throughout the woods warning the attacking team of the impending launch!

The missiles were an addition to Skirmish Exeter in early 2012. Due to the size of them, they were originally placed next to the Safe Area alongside the Convoy arena, but due to how flat the arena was, it was often won easily, with the defending team not having much cover around the missiles. The missiles are now located at the top of the ravine, creating an excellent hillside battle, with ample barricades, trees, long grass and trenches. The attacking team really have their work cut out for them as they fight their way up the hill, running from cover to cover, as the defending team rain down paintballs and grenades on top of them!