The Fort

Our Fort is a giant structure, with high walls, and a first floor turret big enough to hold a squad of 10. The walls are 8-10ft tall, and the inside has a raised platform all around the perimeter, so your team mates can space out and defend from all angles.

Teams must either defend waves of attacks from the enemy team, and prevent them from getting inside and raising the flag, or attack from across the valley, where a 90ft bridge will grant you access to the Forts walls! The Fort was built on the patch of land where our Safe Area used to stand 15 years ago!

When arriving at Skirmish Exeter 25 years ago when we first opened, customers would park at the top of the hill (where the reception and safe area is now located), and walk down to the safe area to begin their day. After we moved everything to the top of the hill, for more space and an extended car park, the old safe area became a village for customers to play in. The village lasted a few years under the torment of paintballs, grenades and one or two Rambo styled customers, and in its place we built this giant structure, which was built to last!!