Convoy is our most popular Arena, it features two vehicles, and over 30 tyre stacks across the arena. This is a smaller, and very fast paced arena which will test your ultimate Paintball skills. Keep moving, dont get pinned down!

This is normally the first arena you will play on your day. We play Fast and Furious, Flag Capture, and Center flag games on this arena. The Convoy was originally a themed arena, where one team would start inside the vehciles, and the other team would hold the fuel supplies. Teams would battle it out over the fuel cans spread over the arena. This worked well, but because the arena was so close the the Safe Zone, it was usually the first introductory game most people would play, so it was decided that Fast and Furious (a game that keeps you moving, and gets you into the spirit of paintball) was the best choice for this arena.