Bridge Assault

The Bridge is a 90ft long, and 8ft wide wooden structure that straddles a deep ravine throughout the forest. There are four alcoves on the sides of the bridge, and 30 barrels spread out to provide cover. Teams will start either side and attempt to either defend, or blow up the bridge. If you are on the attacking side, there are four magnetic plates on the main supports of the bridge where you must attach C4 explosives to win the game. When all four C4's are connected, this bridge is considered "destroyed" and you win the game. The defending team must do everything they can to prevent this! The Bridge was one of the first arenas to be developed 25 years ago, as the old safe area was within spectating distance of the bridge, so it was a favourite for staff and customers alike. Therefore, due to its popularity, and general wear and tear, its been rebuilt a few times over the years! This time it is better than ever, we have increased the width of it to a whopping 8ft, wide enough to drive our Land Rover over! We have also added alcoves, and wooden sides (it used to be netting) adding protection from flying paint balls and grenades! The bridge is always a magnet for the Kamikaze players among you, and a brilliant environment to launch a few smoke bombs for cover!