The one where the Exeter Chiefs came to visit

On Monday 12th April 2021, Skirmish Exeter had a reprieve from the chaos of the last year as we were joined by the local legends that are the Exeter Chiefs.

The Premiership’s top division team had not had the opportunity to enjoy any team building days or social events due to Covid and when we heard that they could do with letting their hair down we invited them to join us for the day.

There was excitement in the air as the first of many vehicles started to arrive onto site, with the Team here at Skirmish waiting eagerly to meet them, and for some, to meet their sporting heroes in the flesh.

After a brief introduction and a thank you for joining us, we split the squad into 2 large groups. Half got into their camouflage safety gear ready for paintball whilst the other half got changed to play Taser Tag. Henry Slade however brought his own Spiderman costume for the day much to the amusement of his fellow teammates.

Exeter Chiefs Try Out The Tazers

Not wanting to waste a second, the tasers were turned on almost immediately with yelps of nervous laughter being heard all around as they tested the sensitivity of the volts. They started in one of our arenas where their mission was clear, get to the middle and turn the box to their team colours without being hit.

They were all hit…..a lot.

The other half walked down to the Bridge Assault Arena, a 90ft long wooden structure that straddles a deep ravine. The laughter could be heard all around the site with the echoes from the arena travelling all over.

Jack Nowell – Winger for the Chiefs arrived on site a little later than the rest of the team, accompanied by Ben Moon and Jannes Kirsten. Jack took the opportunity whilst the games were still active to take advantage of the extra equipment available to buy and had soon stocked up on smoke grenades and Thunderflash’s along with the Tipmann A5 our most popular marker with an MP-5 style grip frame.

Axe Throwing with Exeter Chiefs

Whilst waiting for the 2 teams to finish their first game, Jack, Ben and Jannes gave our Axe throwing sport a go. With one of them throwing a beauty of a shot and splitting the target in two, a story which would be repeated many times throughout the day as you can imagine!

After the first games had finished and before they were due to swap over, the whole squad came together to laugh and compare battle wounds. It was a pleasure to experience and watch a team as close as this team are. Comradery and friendship are definite values of the Exeter Chiefs and we’re sure is one of the many reasons why they’re so successful as a team.

The rest of the afternoon was a flurry of excitement, different coloured smoke grenades and a lot of fun was had by all. They all finished and were able to enjoy the lunch that was prepared for them by the Exeter Chief’s player’s chef.

The day was finished off by a very kind and sincere thank you speech made by Jack Yeandle the Captain of the Exeter Chiefs at the time.

From all of us here at Skirmish Activity Centre in Exeter we just want to say thank you to the Exeter Chiefs as a whole for joining us, with special thanks to the Team here at Skirmish who all came in on their day off to Marshall and support us being able to offer the Chiefs a private day to enjoy themselves.

We would also like to wish Jonny Hill, Luke Cowan-Dickie, Sam Simmonds and Stuart Hogg the best of luck as they start their tour with the British and Irish Lions. We will be joined by the Exeter Chief’s Women’s team later this month.

Exeter Chiefs at Skirmish Devon
Skirmish Devon host Exeter Chiefs