A Tree For Every Player

Skirmish Exeter are Fighting Climate Change

In the fight against cliamte change, Skirmish Exeter will plant a tree for every player. We've teamed up with The Billion Trees Project to plant trees around the world, restore healthy forests to offset carbon emissions.

When you play any of our activities at Skirmish Devon, not only wil you will be helping to make real change to offset carbon emissions, you'll be supporting habitats for wildlife, stability against erosion and landslides as well as sustainable economic opportunities for communities.

View Your Trees

You can even view the progress, track your trees and find out more about the reforestation projects we're supporting in our very own digital forest.

Book Now to Plant your Tree

Choose any of our activities, Paintball, Airsoft, Lasers, Axe Throwing, Archery Tag, Archery Target or Attacksense, book your place and sign your disclaimer, and we'll plant a tree in your name. Call 01548 580 025 or Book Online now.

Skirmish Exeter Offset Carbon Emissions