Update on Covid 19 Guidelines

Here is an update on where we stand with the new Covid 19 guidelines.

We are happy so say we will now be open from 29th March.
We just want to assure you, if you make a booking and lockdown is extended, we will happily re schedule or refund which ever you prefer.
Looking forward to seeing you all as soon as we can.

Great News

The good news is, because of the lastest governement information item 3.16 states we can continue with our events of up to 30 in a game, which we are more than happy with. However, we are having to implement a few protocols from here on until restrictions are lifted.

New Protocols

  1. When you arrive on site you will be given a coloured wrist band and allocated to a table marked with the same colour
  2. If you want to buddy up with friends in your group of 6 please pre arrange this, as when on site we will be strictly marshalling you to remain in your bubble of 6
  3. In the reception area and moving to and from games, you will be expected to keep within your group of 6
  4. When we start the games, all groups of 6 will be at least 2 metres apart, and if you move to a dead zone we will ask you to remain only with any members of your group of 6

Please try to adhere to these guidelines, and if you are reminded by a member of staff to conform to our protocols, please try to be understanding and civil.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!

From Martin, Jamie and all our fantastic staff.