The Winter Season at Skirmish Exeter

With the midwinter season coming to an end (unless we have a repeat of last year's March snow!) and the warmer weather hopefully around the corner, we'd like to thank all of our new customers over the last season who experienced Skirmish Exeter for the first time and all of the fun activities it has to offer. Whether it was your first time at trying a sport out of your comfort zone, or you're a bit of an adreleine junkie that likes to tick the next action packed activity off your list, we hope the memories made were good enough to want to make more at Skirmish!

As always we'd like to thank our loyal customers, especially the airsofters, who religiously come to Stoke Woods in Exeter for their regular games of Airsoft. The crazy english weather hasn't stopped you from playing your best and competing the opposition in our arenas and new church and tower structures. We look forward to many more...

With the team at Skirmish making endless plans on new structures, barracades and checkpoints, we can't wait for what this year has in store. If you have a stag do, work do, birthday, corporate event coming up or just fancy getting your mates together for competitive play, we have plenty of adreneline packed sports for you to get involved with.

One of our highlights of 2019 so far as to be marshaling The Kaiser Chiefs and their crew where they took part in the Hunter Games (Archery Tag, Target Archery and Axe Throwing) - we hope you all had a laugh before your gig at Exeter Uni! Which familiar faces will visit us next??

Don't forget to check out our list of activities at Skirmish Exeter including those suitable for kids:

- Paintball 
- Airsoft (x3 walk-on Sundays a month)
- Laser Tag
- Junior Airsoft
- Splatball (kid friendly!)
- Axe Throwing (perfect for parents when they're waiting for you to finish your activities!)
- Air Rifle Range
- Archery Tag
- Target Archery
- Hunger Games (trio of Archery Tag, Target Archery & Axe Throwing combined)

Catch you in the Skirmish arenas!

Airsoft within smoke grenade and arena
Smoke grenade - Airsoft game
Airsoft within smoke grenade
The Kaiser Chiefs - Axe Throwing
The Kaiser Chiefs - new band photo?
Archery Tag - The Kaiser Chiefs
Archery Tag - The Kaiser Chiefs in fancy dress
Group game at Skirmish Exeter
Strike a pose - girl group
Team game at Axe Throwing
Large group game at Skirmish
Archery range in the snow
Airsoft Christmas fancy dress winner
Paintball player using our new church structure
Church structure being used during airsoft game