NEW STRUCTURES | Sniper Towers

As you've no doubt seen if you've visited Skirmish Paintball Games Exeter in the last few weeks, the site has built 2 brand new Sniper Towers and is halfway through constructing the third. These impressive structures aim to give players more of a challenge when attacking or defending objectives. Take a look at the views of the paintball and airsoft arenas. 

Sniper Tower 1 - located in Missiles area
Sniper Tower 2 - located in Beaches towards Bridge & Fort (within eyesight of ST1)

Sniper Tower 3 - located in Beaches towards Checkpoint Charlie.

These 3 towers will provide excellent objectives over the coming months with teams fighting over control of them by raising their flags or blowing them up with satchel charges.

This week the tin rooves arrived and have been added onto Sniper Towers 1 and 2, ready to use! Sniper Tower 3 will be completed over the next few weeks.

Post all Sniper Towers being completed, that's when we move onto the Church (another amazingly massive and complex project!)

If you haven't explored this area of our beautiful woodland at Stoke Woods yet, book a game as a team for a birthday, stag do or as a corporate event, and make the most of the exciting new structures being built at Skirmish Exeter Activity Centre. We can't wait to use them this summer! 

Sniper Tower 2 being shot at during a Paintball game
Sniper Tower 1 complete in the missile arena
Sniper Tower 1 in progress
The awesome view of ST2 from ST1
The team checking out the view from ST1