New Paintball Rental Guns

Hi Everyone

Skirmish Exeter are pleased to announce we have upgraded all our paintball Rental markers to the amazing Tippman FT-50

This fantastic new addition, fires a smaller 50 calibre paintball, and new manufacturing technology has enabled the ball to be much more accurate in flight, but also to be made to a much more fragile specification. This allows the ball to break much more easily on impact, which in turn is a much more comfortable experience for the players.

If you have not played Skirmish Paintball for a while,  come on down and experience all we have to offer, we are a multi activity centre now, and we are happy to tailor any of our 9 different and exciting activities to your needs.

We are able to offer you 1, 2 or 3 activities in a package, the more you do the cheaper it gets!