New Checkpoint Update | Skirmish Exeter

A weekend well spent with the help of some friends, building an new checkpoint area at Skirmish Exeter. There is plenty of work still to be done, but the main bunker is built and the roof and camo are attached.

Phase 2 will be to treat the wood and build the sandbag walls which will be located around the front and sides of the checkpoint. We're hoping this will be done for the next airsoft game day.

Another build is being drawn up and we will need all the help we can get to help achieve our plans for further buildings; it will benefit everyone in the long run when playing paintball, airsoft and splatball!

Whilst all this is going on, the almightly church has started making an appearence which will make a HUGE difference to game play. We're really looking forward to showing you all it's progress. (see final image)

Watch this space...


Checkpoint 1
Checkpoint 2
Checkpoint 3
Checkpoint 4
Checkpoint 5