The Walk-On Dead 2 - 26/10/14 (Halloween event)

We join our survivors a year on... The handful of civilians who escaped the military slaughter made it to a stronghold deep in Forest Park. A new force is in play, a violent group of murderers and criminals led by the Guv’nor are hell bent on taking what belongs to the survivors. Carry on the fight as a lowly survivor trying to get by in this now changed world working as a team to protect each other. Or join the bandit crew where rules don’t apply, take prisoners or execute them all. Finally we have the most dangerous element of the world, a slavering horde of undead who have evolved into the number 1 predator on the planet.

The two human teams will be pitted against each other whilst also having to defend themselves against a third unrelenting foe whose numbers keep growing throughout the game.

0800 – 0900        Arrival
0915                       Zombie briefing
0930                       Human briefing
1000                       Game on
1300-1400            Lunch
1400                       Game on
1700                       Evening break
1730                       Evening games
1900                       Games end


We have 5 main games during the day and 2 night time games. The night games are all very Health & Safety orientated, for you there will be very little impact but be aware your safety is paramount.

Check out our tribute to the Walking Dead filmed at Skirmish Exeter by Kingfisher Multimedia;


Prices for the Walk-On Dead event;

£15 Members
£20 Non-members
£45 Rookies (gun hire)

FREE ENTRY for those who volunteer to be Zombies. You will have free entry, drinks / chocs and lunch paid for. There will be a day game and a night game where you can join a human team for a bit of trigger time.

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