Burning Blades - Airsoft Walk On 12th Jan

Withdrawing troops from Helmand province, Afghanistan have come under heavy fire in the Green Zone as Al-Qaeda fighters retake lost ground. Troops of 16th Armoured Brigade and Special Forces’ own Bravo Troop are left behind to cover the retreat.

As well as the usual warm up game to shake off the cobwebs and test out those new toys you all got for xmas, we'll be running around the entire site again as that seems to be what you all love the most (having the choice to get stuck in or go all sneaky sneaky!)

As well as the 2 standard 'conventional teams' that will be battling it out over the day, each team will also be running a dedicated 6 man Special Forces team. I will pick out people in the morning, and they'll be SF players until lunch. After lunch a new set of SF players will be picked and carry on until the end of the day. 

The conventionals will have their own missions to achieve as will the SF, there will be an overlap of missions of course as I'm sure the SF will be coming under immense fire and getting surrounded needing to be bailed out by friendlies...