Ajuda 1 - 14/09/14

Event on 14/09/14  -  Out there is Gubudd Hekmat (codenamed Gull) a notorious Afghan warlord responsible for the killings of civilians and military personnel over the past 8 years. He is surrounded by fanatics and getting to him won’t be easy. He must be captured alive at all costs, his influence could sway the war and save countless lives. Al Qaeda have long been in this area reinforcing it and instilling their ideology onto the locals, this threat must be removed. Conv Forces will be deployed via APCs outside the village of Mihtar to initiate ‘first contact’.

0900 - players arrive
0935 - game brief
1000 - game on
1300 - Lunch
1400 - resume gameplay
1700 - end game
1700+ smaller close quarters semi / pistols only


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