The Walk-On Dead - Sunday 27th October 2013

You are about to embark on a journey that will test your endurance, teamwork, sanity and coolness under pressure. What follows on this day will carve your beginnings of the future. Every action has a reaction and a consequence. Choose your path carefully but avoid the well-trodden path…



After a virus outbreak in the city, a band of survivors headed to the safety of ‘Forest Park’, to seek shelter. The world is falling apart and it's dragging everyone down with it, it wants you. Today you fight as an individual, as part of a group against the undead and each other.



Team up with your friends in a small group and trust them with your life, go it alone and trust no-one or risk joining a larger team. They always say there's safety in numbers.... But others might have a crosshair on your back!


Team sent to wipe out the survivors and undead pandemic. A law unto themselves and a tightly knit unit they will stop at nothing to clear the field of eveything living or dead.


The unfortunate collateral stuck in the middle of 2 factions, only wanting a snack and some attention. Go on, join the horde and slowly destroy each team with your numbers and relentless pursuing?



Civilians are requested to wear civilian clothing during the day, belt rigs / plate carriers are acceptable but we want that scavenger look, or even go the whole hog and dress up as somebody caught in the middle of the pandemic whilst at work!

Military unit are requested to wear all camo etc and nothing civilian.

Zombies can wear whatever they like, play an undead civilian caught out whilst shopping or an attacked soldier trying to make those last few rounds count.

Dedicated rules designed for 6 immersive and close quarter scenarios (plus a bonus 1 to start the day with!)

Night games planned so remember those torches / tracer units (though lighting will be provided, it won't be on all the time.......)

Don't forget those who play the day as zombies get free entry, free lunch, free drinks, limited make up and free safety equipment hire. All you have to do is turn up!

See Skirmish Facebook page for loads more details under the 'Events' tab.